Statement from the Center: Condemning the white supremacist mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

As The Center observes the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, our hearts grieve with the people of Jacksonville, Florida at the loss of three Black lives this past Saturday to yet another mass shooting driven by white supremacy. This underscores the stubborn tenacity of racism that is deeply embedded in America’s history.

2023 has already witnessed over 470 mass shootings in America, as reported by the Gun Violence Archive. Against this alarming backdrop, we continue to urge legislators to fulfill their commitment to safeguard the people they are sworn to protect.

In September, The Center will commemorate the 117th anniversary of the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre—a dark chapter characterized by four days of white mob violence that claimed the lives of at least 25 Black individuals, aimed at erasing Black progress. Despite its significant impact on Atlanta’s trajectory, and the national history of racial terror, this massacre remains largely unknown today.

Our commemoration is a key pillar of The Center’s Truth and Transformation initiative that empowers communities to unearth and share the truths of history, with the goal of reshaping society toward equity, dismantling hate, and ending the scourge of racist violence.