Voices of our Community


Mni Wiconi: Water is Life

by Christina Dana, former Gallery Assistant at The Center

Cannupa Hanska Luger describes himself as a multi-disciplinary communicator.  After spending an afternoon with him and his exhibit Each Line is a Song. Every Shape is a Story at the Center for Civil… Read More

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A Few Words on the Election

by Pearl Cleage, playwright/novelist/poet/citizen

originally posted on http://www.bloggingwhileblue.com/ I want to offer a few words about our upcoming presidential election to be held on November 8, 2016. The reason I only need a few words – 5 to… Read More


2nd Anniversary Celebrations!

June, the Center for Civil and Human Rights celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a 2-part celebration. First, on the evening of June 23, we celebrated hip hop's role in social change with Get Centered! Special thank you… Read More


A Father’s Day Message from Derreck Kayongo

by Derreck Kayongo, CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights

I was first introduced to the value of protecting human rights through my own parents. My family lost everything we had worked for under the regime of Idi Amin. Everything. Two businesses, our family farm… Read More


730 Days of INSPIRATION!

by David Hopings, Manager of the Visitor Experience

The early morning of June 23rd 2014 was perfect, the air crisp but not cold and the typically bustling streets of downtown Atlanta quiet and bare. As I strode down Centennial Park Blvd. under morning twilight my thoughts flickered with… Read More

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The Invisible Giant in the Rights Struggle

by LaTosha Brown, civil rights activist and singer

My mother, Rosetta Gamble-Brown, was born in Orville, Alabama on July 17, 1947. She was the eleventh child to Nellie and Joseph Gamble. Her family were black farmers from Alabama's Blackbelt. When Rosetta was just 3… Read More


International Museum Day: Celebrate with Us

by Kelli Edwards, Program Manager

Join the Center for Civil and Human Rights on May 18th as we celebrate International Museum Day. Today, we celebrate museums and cultural preservation institutions alike for raising awareness about our world’s most important… Read More

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This Week in Civil and Human Rights News

1. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Delivers Remarks at Press Conference Announcing Complaint Against the State of North Carolina to Stop Discrimination Against Transgender Individuals. United States Department of… Read More


We Shall Overcome

by David Hopings, Manager of the Visitor Experience

Montgomery AL, May 21st 8 PM As afternoon sun transitions into stillness of night, the sticky heat of a hot Alabama afternoon is slowly replaced by cooler temperatures and a faint breeze. Both of which… Read More