Become a Sponsor

Become A Sponsor

Sponsorships at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights provide an opportunity for existing and potential sponsors to help us carry out our work and mission. View some of the crucial giving and sponsorship portals that make up our investment series.

The powerful storytelling in our museum – on the U.S. Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s and its connection to the struggle for human rights around the world today – has been praised as a transformational experience.

Our temporary exhibits – on lynching, immigration, human rights and sports – allow visitors to expand their thinking and knowledge about human rights.

Our education program teaches civil rights history and its connection to the global struggle for human rights today. We also train teachers on the most effective ways to engage students on civil rights history, promoting critical thinking about the attitudes and motivations of historical actors and their choices. Our Operation Inspiration program underwrites admission for in-need students and our Affliates program provides private schools with specialized tours to match their curricula.

Our public programming stimulates public engagement on how civil and human rights are the building blocks of a democracy – and every citizen’s responsibility to protect these rights. From films and lectures to performances and conversations, The Center’s public engagement programming reaches a broad public audience with opportunities for conversation, debate and thoughtful commentary from the nation’s leading thinkers on civic engagement and rights protection.

The Center’s Institutes – currently on racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights and human trafficking – provide The Center’s reach and platform to seasoned advocates working on a specific issue’s campaign.

Advocacy Academy

Our Advocacy Academy teaches sophisticated rights campaign techniques to students and grassroots NGOs, utilizing our exhibitions as case studies.

Leadership Trainings

Our Leadership Trainings provide opportunities for experiences and conversation on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and training for law enforcement officials on their role as civil rights defenders.

Campaign for Equal Dignity

Our campaign begins from the premise that in order to bridge the divides in our country and ensure equal dignity for all, “we the people” need to create change. The Campaign for Equal Dignity provides educational programming, conversation opportunities and range of resources to help people – individuals, corporations, families, students — protect rights and dismantle structural racism.

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Free Admission Sponsorship



The Center’s mission relies on visitors engaging with civil and human rights stories — the hometown stories from Atlanta, our nation’s history and across the globe. Our corporate sponsors provide the public with access to a unique cultural experience and make an investment in our work through sponsored admission throughout the year.

In 2020, Free Admission sponsored by Georgia Natural Gas will allow The Center to welcome more than 1,500 visitors. This generous contribution helps The Center remain a landmark institution and truly inclusive space for dialogue about crucial issues of our time. With your company’s support, we seek to offer free admission days on the following dates:

Power to Inspire Annual Tribute Dinner

Each year since our founding, The Center has held its Power to Inspire annual event to recognize courageous individuals working to protect human rights and dignity. This year, in response to social distancing due to COVID-19, The Center will forgo a large in-person event, and instead host its Power to Inspire activities online throughout the year – honoring and interviewing individuals through video profiles and conversations.

Operation Inspiration


We have found that students from underserved communities face financial and logistical challenges in organizing trips to The Center. Committed to removing the economic barriers that prevented in-need students from visiting, we raised a reserve fund, designated as Operation Inspiration, to underwrite admission for in-need students.

Since its inception in 2015, Operation Inspiration has underwritten admission costs for up to 20,000 students each year. This program also supplies educators with free online resources to prepare students for their visit to The Center as well as help in facilitating conversations when they return to the classroom.

  • Access to resources
  • Allowing children to grapple with their own educations
  • Active vs passive learning
  • Classroom size
  • Number of teachers
  • Access to technology and resources they otherwise wouldn’t have access to
  • Balancing the scales

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