Freddy Mutanguha

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Freddy Mutanguha is the executive director for the Ageis Trust, an organization whose mission is the prevention of genocide through education. In this capacity, he runs the Kiagali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda. Mutanguha survived the 1994 genocide as a teenager, losing his parents and four sisters. While taking care of a younger sister, he worked his way through school to become one of the leading advocates for peace and human rights education in Rwanda

The issue: The Rwandan Genocide

In just one hundred days—between April and July 1994—roughly a million Rwandans, mostly members of the Tutsi minority, were murdered when the extremist Hutu-led government launched a plan to wipe out the country’s entire Tutsi population. Violence spread with lightning speed. Group of Tutsi and moderate Hutu who feared they might be targeted fled to church.

To learn more about the Rwandan Genocide, please visit the Genocide Archive of Rwanda. Commemorate the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide on April 7th.