Author: nmoore

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland: More Than An Ally

At an early age, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland realized that she needed to be an agent for change and fight for racial equality. As a student at Duke University in 1960, Joan began her life

Mamie Till: More Than A Mother

In August 1955, Mamie Till-Mobley tragically became an agent of change when her 13-year old son, Emmett, was murdered while visiting family in Mississippi. Till-Mobley’s decision to show her son’s brutalized

JoAnn Robinson: More Than A Teacher

JoAnn Robinson began her career in public service as an educator in Macon, Georgia, working in public schools as an educator. She would go on to earn her master’s degree from Atlanta

The Legacy of Dorothy Height

Born in Richmond, Virginia March 24, 1912, Dorothy Irene Height became for many, an example of a life of service. In high school, she began her activism, participating in anti-lynching

Game Changer, Dr. Grace Lee Boggs

Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, activist and game changer, was the daughter of Chinese immigrants born in Providence, Rhode Island. Earning her Ph.D. in 1940 from Byrn Mawr College, Boggs, spent

“Who the hell is Diane Nash?”

“Who the hell is Diane Nash?” Those words delivered to John Seigenthaler by Attorney General Robert Kennedy in 1961 was not just a question of query and frustration, as Freedom Riders