The Time is Right

In this time of medical crisis and instability, please enjoy this reminder that Atlanta is a strong and vibrant community that can rise to the occasion of any inequity or injustice.

Since June 23, 2014, when The Center opened, we have shared stories of struggle and triumph throughout the world. One surprise we’ve discovered along the way is, that when our visitors walk through our galleries, they are often inspired to share their stories. W have so many stories, in fact, that we needed the means to begin collecting them—thus, “The Time is Right” project was born.
Working with a group of local professional photographers under the name “#weloveatl,” we sought out the stories of Atlantans who have been or are active in the community working for social justice.
During the course of the project, we shot 40 portraits and video interviews of folx from all different walks of life: teachers, mayors, students, business leaders, etc. The film, debuting at the 2017Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival, is a story of hope, dedication, and love for thy neighbor.