Sunday Funday

I want to take a step back and appreciate all my blessings thus far. I am a paid intern at one of the best places I have worked, so far. My family is alive and well, being an amazing support system even from two states away. After a year in Atlanta, I think I have found my groove, made new friends and am doing my best to be happy and healthy in this great city.

In terms of working towards my dream of being a producer, I am a production assistant at a start-up production company called Blossom. Being amongst wonderful, hard-working Black women in the film industry is what I want to do in the future, so to be a part of this project means the world to me. As a start-up, I’m still an unpaid production assistant, which is okay since I’m gaining incredible experience and have a lot of freedom to explore beyond my role.

All of this has made me think about what it means to be a volunteer. Technically, anyone who gives up their time and energy to a project with no commission in return is a volunteer, right? Taking that idea, I want to reach out and say (probably more for myself than for you all) that it is okay to be a volunteer for any project you believe in, when it is positive and does not hurt anyone, including yourself. Being a production assistant with Blossom is not just about reaching out and helping myself network; it is about creating a company that speaks as the voice for Black women and other women of color. Just as volunteering my time at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights was so that I could help them achieve their mission for everyone to take human rights personally, I believe film production helps more than people realize.