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Basem Fathy

An advocate for justice and equality on the playground of his grade school, he honed his knowledge of global social movements and used the tactics of non-violent change as an

Glory Afi Kilanko

A pursuer of justice for all humans, she has committed her life’s work to working for the rights of the oppressed, poor, and disfranchised women in Africa. Since age 13

Jessica Colotl

A Mexican student who migrated to the US seeking the American dream with her family when she was ten, she was discovered to be an undocumented immigrant when stopped by

Charles Cobb Jr.

As a college student in 1962, he joined the civil right movement in the Mississippi Delta, where he stayed as an organizer. Understanding that access to education is a fundamental

Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons

She has lived her entire life in a quest to foster justice and diminish inequity. Her journey has taken her from the African American freedom struggle in Mississippi and Georgia

Anette Jones White

She experienced racial violence and discrimination as a youth in her hometown of Albany, Georgia, and began to rebel against racial injustice. As a college student she became a leader

Reverend C.T. Vivian

A veteran nonviolent protester since the 1940s, he was a quintessential civil rights warrior and a member of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s executive staff. Known for his courage and

Bernard Lafayette

In his youth he challenged segregated facilities through nonviolent direct action, was a Freedom Rider, and worked with SCLC in voter registration. He suffered violence, incarceration, and death threats for

Gwendolyn Middlebrooks

Though protected from Jim Crow by her family, she began to experience discrimination as a teenager in Atlanta, when she engaged in her first protests. At Spelman College, she was

Jane Stembridge

A proponent of freedom, dignity and respect for all humanity, this native white southerner was an original staff member of SNCC and took an active role during Mississippi Summer of