Egbert Perry

Board Chair

Egbert L. J. Perry is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Integral Group, LLC (Integral). A real estate, construction and community development professional since 1979, he has been at the helm of various projects, including residential, office, rental, instructional and mixed-use projects. Prior to co-founding Integral in 1993, he spent 13 years helping to build an Atlanta-based construction and real estate company into the nation’s 3rd largest African-American owned business and largest African-American owned General Contractor in 1992, increasing its revenues from $12 million to approximately $200 million.

In addition to serving on The Center’s board, he is also Chair of the Boards at Fannie Mae and Centennial Academy, Chair of the Advisory Board at the Penn Institute for Urban Research, member of the Board of Trustees at the University of Pennsylvania, and serves on the boards of Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Business League.

Originally from Antigua & Barbuda, Egbert Perry immigrated to the U.S. in his junior year of high school and went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he received BS, MS and MBA degrees and graduated with honors.