A Note from the Executive Director of IHTI

In critical times, those who are most vulnerable suffer much more than those of us blessed with stable families, support systems, and resources.

Some see this as an opportunity to profit off the exploitation of others.  During the Corvid-19 pandemic, there are millions of children out of school.  Some children are locked indoors with no supervision or, at worst, an abuser. Their parents are facing a mountain of uncertainties.  Many are still working, and childcare is not easily accessible.  While parents who are at home, are not aware of the increased exposure of their child to predators on online platforms.  We can Human Traffick Proof our youth by educating ourselves on how to eliminate the risks online.

Please read this article, then act by signing up for free online training at ihtinstitute.org/get-educated schedule to the right. The protection of our children is the International Human Trafficking Institute’s most urgent agenda. View the schedule of events this week.