Groups & Families

Make Your Group Visit Educational

Groups, schools, and families who visit The Center have access to personalized guided tours as well as the general educational information provided within the exhibits themselves. Every moment, every image, every artifact and exhibit provide a unique learning experience for everyone who visits.

We developed “Across Generations,” an intergenerational conversation starter for you to use on your visit to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Download The Center’s conversation Guide, Across Generations and use it during and after your experience through the exhibits.

Group Visits 

The Center is a popular destination for non-educational visits, such as family reunions, church groups, senior groups and summer camps. We offer discounts for groups as small as 10, but welcome groups over 100 people!

Group Ticket Rates

Group tickets are $15 plus tax.

All group tickets are under one transaction. Individual tickets cannot be printed for each guest. To book your next group visit call: (678) 999-8990.