Celebrating the Powerful Women of the Center for Civil and Human Rights

On this last day of Women’s HERstory Month, I wanted to honor some very important women to the City of Atlanta. The city is home to many attractions and the Center for Civil and Human Rights is the moral center of our culture. For almost three years now, The Center helped inspire and empower a spirit of self-determination and resilience in the global community, as informed by the Civil and Human Rights Movement of which Atlanta is world renown. Each and every day we witness more people come to see the history of civil and human rights both nationally and internationally. The CENTER has found its place in the noble history of Atlanta and now finds itself poised to become one of the top attractions not only in Atlanta, but throughout the United States.

The question then becomes what is behind this incredible success? The simple yet principled answer is the Women Power of The Center’s staff. These women are integral in running an attraction, museum and Center of intellectual discourse all in one. The reason why this is especially unique is that most of the work that makes The Center highly ranked is typically held by males. Roles like Chief Financial Officer, Facilities Manager, Director of Visitor Services, Manager of Education and Exhibits and so many more essential positions to The Center are held by the strongest of females.

As the CEO of the organization, I can tell our visitors and friends that I have found this women power to represent more than a gender diversity and inclusion principle. Rather, I see the performance of my female counterparts as representing the best people for the job. Without the extensive professional expertise, empathy and sympathy of my fellow colleagues, I don’t think The Center would have enjoyed such early success given the incredible pressure we face everyday to keep its doors open. I am proud of these women for their abilities because they are real and they are changing the world as we know it.

I want to take this opportunity to celebrate and the Powerful Women behind the scenes at the Center for Civil and Human Rights during this month of March and throughout the year. Thank you to the Women of The Center; keep setting the bar high!