Fannie Lou Hamer

Nobody epitomized the courageous, grassroots leadership of the movement more than Fannie Lou Hamer. Born in 1917, Hamer grew up as a sharecropper in the Mississippi Delta. It was not until she attended a SNCC-sponsored meeting at the age of 44 that she learned that African Americans possessed the right to vote. When she attempted to register, she was fired, evicted from her home and received numerous threats. 

“This stunning museum is a can’t miss Atlanta attraction. My family had just under an hour to experience the museum before it closed but it was among the most powerful moments of my life.”

– Dante M., TripAdvisor Review

“My 15 year old son was dragged into this tour by his debate coach. 6 hours later, he returned with a message – ‘Mom, we have got to go back this weekend!’ He and his buddies loved it…a big accomplishment for any museum when it comes to teenage boys.”

– Museum Visitor, TripAdvisor Review

“The Center for Civil and Human Rights is a tremendous achievement, unlike anything this city has ever seen…for the rest of my days it will be the first place I take visitors to in my city…I feel like the heart of Atlanta has finally found a home.”

– Chuck Reece, Editor-in-Chief of The Bitter Southerner

“The Center’s exhibits tell stories in ways that promote empathy and understanding. This fledgling cultural institution has already succeeded in expanding Atlanta’s ethical footprint.”

– Catherine Fox, ArtsATL

“Prepare to be powerfully affected. Most of the museum exhibits are well executed and interactive. Right from the first exhibit hall is “Rolls Down Like Water”, which houses the lunch counter but starts with Atlanta in the 50’s, with interactive features such as the sign board upon which users choose the jurisdiction from which to display Jim Crow laws. The exhibit moves forward through time with displays covering the bus boycott, the freedom riders, notorious figures such as Bull Connor and continuing through the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.”

– Museum Visitor, TripAdvisor Review