Pianos for Peace at The Center

We are proud to host one of the beautifully painted pianos as part of the Pianos for Peace festival in Atlanta. If you are in downtown Atlanta, stop by and play our piano! The piano will be display in front of The Center through September 21, 2016.



About the Pianos for Peace Festival

Pianos for Peace's beautifully painted pianos will be in the streets and parks of Metro Atlanta from September 3 – 18, 2016 for everyone and anyone to enjoy. As one of the largest public art display projects in Atlanta, Pianos for Peace will feature 29 pianos and impact an estimated half a million Atlantans and visitors this year.

After the two week outdoor festival, all Pianos for Peace will be donated to local schools, nursing homes, healthcare facilities and community centers where our volunteer artists will participate in year long meaningful programs making art accessible to all. Our Ambassadors for Peace will unite and transform communities by building peace through music and education. 

MARISA CERBAN, the artist of The Center's piano

Marisa is an innovative artist home based in Atlanta, GA. Her international background and travels inspire and nurture her diverse artwork. She defines herself as an emerging artist despite her many years of experience.

Marisa's life as an artist began at the School of Fine Arts in Uruguay, her homeland, and continued in Argentina,  where she lived for almost twenty years. In the past several years, Marisa has participated in local art contests  and exhibited her work in art galleries in the southeast of the US. Marisa understands the importance of giving back and has contributed with non-profit organizations with her  expertise in art and design.