Maynard Jackson High School and Nuremberg Student Exchange

Last month Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta and the Sigmund-Schuckert Gymnasium in Nuremburg joined forces to advocate awareness of global human trafficking. Students from both countries collaborated to create a presentation and public service announcement to educate others on the severity of the issue. This opportunity was made possible due to the sponsorship of the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. The Center hosted a private tour of the exhibitions which enabled the students to understand the full scope of Human Rights. The following day, the students presented their research at The Center.

This is only the beginning of the exchange between the two schools and their work to promote human rights. In June, the students from Maynard Jackson will travel to Nuremburg and continue their work. Although the main focus of the exchange is addressing human rights’ issues, this provides the students from both countries with the opportunity to immerse them in a different culture while creating lasting friendships.