Black History Month Music Project

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Black History Month, the Center for Civil and Human Rights is filling the hall with sound! We chose 40 songs, from all forms of African American music, to feature at the museum! We are pleased to announce the following artists and their songs to be played outside of our museum:

Hank Thomas & Amplify Choir: "Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around"
Chis Lee- "We Shall Overcome"
LaTosha Brown: "I Know I've Been Changed" 
Angela D. Stanley: "I Wanna Live" 
Ahzjah of I'DIVINE: "Born 2 Be Free" 
Tami Hughes: "Every Time I Feel the Spirit" 
Nigel Perkins: "Smile"
Devon Lee: "Fort Street Blues"
Yohannes & Gabe Niles: "Moderation"
Pamela Gardner: "One Voice"
Zane Smith: "Han Solo" 
Ray Ramon: "I Had a Dream" 
Tami Hughes: "Bingham Cotillion"
MrMagic: "Kingdom"
Devon Lee: "Queen"
Miles D: (feat. Ebony Camille)- "Next Time"
The Double 50: "Red Rocks" 
A.K.i.L: "Caught Up"


Make sure you come to the Center for Civil and Human Rights to hear these inspiring songs now featured outside the museum!