CEO Christian Fischer, Georgia Pacific accepts the 2019 Power to Inspire Award in recognition of Georgia-Pacific's steadfast efforts to end human trafficking.

Because of Georgia-Pacific’s deep commitment to human dignity, the protection of freedom, and respect for the rights of others, the company partnered with IHTI to focus intensively on addressing the scourge of modern-day slavery.

Georgia-Pacific’s CEO, Christian Fischer, spearheaded trainings for employees of Georgia-Pacific based in Atlanta on the warning signs of human trafficking and what to do in response.

In addition, Georgia-Pacific:

Georgia-Pacific CEO Christian Fischer receives the 2019 Power to Inspire Award. [Mayor Shirley Franklin, NCCHR CEO Jill Savitt, GP CEO Christian Fischer, Tameka Rish, Atlanta Falcons]
  • Provided outdoor billboard space on Atlanta’s public transit (MARTA) for a public-service advertising campaign during the 2019 Super Bowl.
  • Participated as a leader in the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee, which put a strong spotlight on efforts to fight human trafficking using the attention of that global event.
  • Provided event space for community convenings as well as video production services for IHTI materials.
  • Supported IHTI’s work over its three-year strategic period with generous philanthropic grants, and continues to make financial donations to anti-trafficking organizations including Covenant House, Wellspring Living and Youthspark Atlanta.

In recognition of its leadership, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the parent organization for IHTI, awarded Georgia Pacific its 2019 Power to Inspire Award, an annual prize that recognizes individuals and organizations that promote and protect human rights and dignity.

The Center and Georgia-Pacific Working Together