Our Outdoor Exhibition

An Outdoor Exhibition Dedicated To Sharing Testimonials About Homelessness And Present The Unjust Causes And Disparity In Resource Allocation.


As a part of our celebration of the 71st anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we partnered with Love Beyond Walls to host this powerful outdoor exhibition as part of the organization’s Dignity Museum.

Temporary Exhibition: Entitlements
As violence and inequality cause scarcity and displace populations, impacted groups are frequently discussed as data and given impersonal categorizations such as refugee and asylum seeker. Entitlements humanizes conflict and insecurity around the world through compelling images of children at play and at rest. Featuring the photography of Authority Collective photographers Diana Cervantes, Jasmine Clarke, Meghan Dhaliwal, Stephanie Eley, Alexis Hunley, and Danielle Villasana, Entitlements is a global survey of childhood experiences. It celebrates the resilience of children denied the just and secure environments to which they are entitled. The children embody hope and inspire an urgency to uphold rights and protections detailed in documents such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.

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