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The National Center for Civil and Human Rights will join Atlanta International School (AIS) in co-hosting the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) Connect Festival entitled The Price of Freedom.

Students will present their ideas within a summit performance, which will raise awareness to modern slavery within our world and make a call to action. This will be presented in the main lobby The Center where the audience will follow where the action takes them within the space, with four invited guest speakers who will be integrated into this performance.

About the ISTA Connect Festival

ISTA festivals bring together young people, artists and teachers from different countries to experience, create and learn about theatre and connect with local schools and communities.  These students will work collaboratively over the course of three days to develop and deliver a theatrical performance around the topic of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

AIS, ISTA and The Center will also be partnering with a local non-profit, youthSpark, as the festival explores modern slavery, the rise of human trafficking in the 21st century, and how we can take action to stop it.

The festival will include over 100 students from 8 international schools and local Atlanta schools, 10 ISTA artists and three guest speakers.

ISTA (www.ista.co.uk) believes that the future of our world depends on confident, internationally minded, collaborative and culturally literate young people who are empowered to engage with and change the world responsibly. We believe that this is achieved through the ISTA Experience.

Guest Speakers

Jennifer Swain

Jennifer Swain

Executive Director of youthSpark, who will give context to modern slavery

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy

Senior Vice President and General Manager for CNN International, who will talk about #MyFreedomDay and taking a call to action

Mary Frances Bowley

Mary Frances Bowley

President and Founder of Wellspring Living, who will talk about the importance of being an activist

Jonothan Neelands

Jonothan Neelands

Lead educator on Theatre and Social Change, from Bristol University in the UK

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