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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Experiences

Workplace leaders and employees are eager to be diverse, equitable and inclusive — and want help getting there. The Center’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) conversations and experiences can help workplaces explore issues related to race and diversity to encourage change and growth — for individuals and organizations. We help workplaces focus on their cultures to ensure equal dignity for all. Download our one-page summary.

Why should you care about Diversity Equity and Inclusion?

We help workplaces focus on their cultures to ensure equal dignity for all, encouraging change and growth to improve the way organizations operate. Studies show that unaddressed challenges in the workplace lead to low morale, retention, and negatively impacts an organization’s bottom line.  McKinsey Group confirmed in 2020: “The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.” DEI training leads to increased creativity, innovation, and decreased vulnerability to liability.

Considering a training? Your organization will benefit if you answer NO to any of these questions: 

  • Does your organization have the ability to conduct conversations that may be uncomfortable, with your employees? 
  • Does your organization’s leadership have the tools to empathize with the workplace challenges some of your employees may be experiencing? 
  • Are you confident your organization is addressing the needs of all segments represented in your business, including ethnic, generational, sexual orientation, parental, veteran/military? 
  • If there are any individuals in your organization who feel like an “only,” do you have the tools to address this issue? 

Why partner with The Center’s DEI experts?

Our program is built on three key pillars designed to set your organization up for success.

  • Experience: We approach DEI through the lens of civil and human rights. Our programs draw from rich and painful history to connect with current workplace challenges in an engaging, relevant format. Our facilitators, carefully chosen for their life and work experiences, provide unparalleled expertise. 
  • Flexibility:  Our DEI program is designed to meet you where you are. Our experts facilitate sessions at The Center, at your office, or virtually to meet the needs of your organization whether a company, government office, nonprofit, or educational institution. If onsite at the Center, we include a self-guided tour and debrief of our exhibits.
  • A brave space experience: 

“When tackling difficult issues, employees who feel vulnerable may seek a safe space to find security from conflict. These environments can impede culture-shifting dialogue, keeping groups in conflict for fear of hurting a colleague’s feelings, stepping on toes, or making people feel uncomfortable.  Instead, we offer  the notion of a brave space, to get us to a place that moves us past this level of discomfort and makes folks feel truly heard.”  – Phil Polk, Director of DEI Experiences, NCCHR


Examining Beliefs and Values

An exploration of your organization’s mission and how these values and beliefs connect to the organization’s larger commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We encourage participants to be curious about how their values are put into practice and how closely they align with the work experience of employees. 

Defining Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

An exploration and understanding of the definitions of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), how power allows us different entries on the DEI journey, and a clarification of the difference between equity and equality. 

Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

The science behind implicit bias, why it happens, how it manifests as microaggressions, and how to address it. We encourage participants to be open about their own biases and experiences with microaggressions.

Inclusive behaviors

Naming and explaining emotional intelligence and the behaviors leaders should adopt to encourage and develop a more inclusive culture. Participants will explore the role empathy plays in an inclusive organizational culture, as well as common inclusive leadership traits.

Cross Generational Diversity

Generational diversity is often overlooked as a critical lever for positive organizational culture. We explore the benefits and challenges of generational diversity in the workplace and offer tips for maximizing the impact of this important aspect of diversity. 

Systematic Racism and Social Injustice

Defining systemic racism and how it manifests in our organization and our society today as well as a customized exploration into how systematic racism might exist within the industry of the client.

What is Anti-Racism?

Understanding how “I am not racist” is different from “I am an anti-racist.” We root anti-racism concepts in the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. and provide an opportunity for participants to interrogate their behavior through the lens of anti-racism.

Suggestion: Inclusive behaviors, implicit bias and cross-generational diversity could be especially effective for senior managers/leadership. 



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Download our one-page summary.