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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Experiences

Workplace leaders and employees are eager to be diverse, equitable and inclusive — and want help getting there. The value of the Center’s DEI to your organization are experiences that explore issues of race, equity, and diversity through facilitations – in person, real time, and virtual conversations — that encourage change and growth for individuals and organizations.

The Impact of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

We help workplaces focus on their cultures to ensure equal dignity for all, encouraging change and growth to improve the way organizations operate. Studies show that unaddressed culture challenges in the workplace lead to low morale and poor employee retention, and can negatively impact an organization’s bottom line.  McKinsey Group confirmed in 2020: “The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.” DEI training leads to increased creativity, innovation, and decreased vulnerability to liability.

The Right Time for DEI Training

Considering a training? Your organization will benefit if you answer NO to any of these questions:

  • Does your organization have the ability to conduct conversations that may be uncomfortable with your employees? 
  • Does your organization’s leadership have the tools to empathize with the workplace challenges some of your employees may be experiencing? 
  • Are you confident your organization is addressing the needs of all demographics represented by your team?
  • If there are any individuals in your organization who feel like an “only,” do you have the tools to address this issue?

Why partner with The Center's DEI experts

Our program is built on three key pillars designed to set your organization up for success.

+ Experience: We approach DEI through the lens of civil and human rights. Our programs draw from rich and painful history to connect with current workplace challenges in an engaging, relevant format. Our facilitators, carefully chosen for their life and work experiences, provide unparalleled expertise and conduct sessions with humor and grace.

+ Flexibility:  Our DEI program is designed to meet you where you are. Our experts facilitate sessions at The Center, at your office, or virtually to meet the needs of your organization whether a company, government office, nonprofit, or educational institution. If onsite at the Center, we include a self-guided tour and debrief of our exhibits.

+ A brave space experience: When tackling difficult issues, people who feel vulnerable may seek a safe space to find security from conflict. Safe spaces often serve to maintain status quo and prevent culture-shifting dialogue because people fear hurting feelings, stepping on toes, or causing discomfort. The Center offers what we call a brave space, which provides opportunities for participants to be heard and to move past discomfort.




Examining Beliefs and Values of Your Organization

Using an organization’s values, we explore how they manifest in the institution’s culture. 

Creating a Common Language for DEI Concepts

Are we speaking the same language when we talk about creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures where all feel a sense of belonging? 

Understanding Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

An exploration of implicit bias, how it manifests as microaggression, and how we can identify and address it. 

Embracing Cross Generational Diversity

Explore generational diversity and how race, power and privilege intersect. 

Cultivating Inclusive Behaviors

An exploration of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in creating inclusive cultures and the foundational behaviors leaders should model to create these cultures. 

Being an Advocate for Equity

Address how to build alliances in relationships across differences; advocate for underrepresented groups; and cultivate long-term strategic mindsets to create an inclusive culture. 

Applying the Lessons of History to the Workplace

Explore the impact of history on current inequities in organizations and industries, and the roles organizations might take to address historical injustices to create diverse and inclusive environments. 


Empathy-Building through History

Senior managers explore different perspectives in the decision-making processes in the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott and apply them to current issues in DEI.

The Business Case for DEI

Advancing DEI is an ethical imperative, but it’s also a business imperative and should be at the core of a company’s business strategy.

Using Feedback as an Equity Tool

High-quality feedback is crucial for individual advancement and organizational growth. Talent thrives where people give and receive honest feedback. 

Cultivating Psychological Safety

Explore its role in creating inclusive organizations, increasing collaboration, innovation, trust, and accountability. 

Defining Identity and Navigating Power

Explore individual and social identity, the relationship to power, and how leaders can use their power to advance DEI. 

Navigating Difficult Conversations

In table-top activities, leaders learn empathetic listening, cultural humility, giving supportive feedback, and asking effective questions. 

Creating a Meeting with DEI in Mind

Leaders are taught to use DEI practices to conduct effective meetings through agendas, facilitation, and follow up activities. 

Train the Trainer 

(Package of 4 Sessions) Equips an organization’s staff to facilitate meetings and encourage inclusive dialogue with the following four modules: 

– Cultivating psychological safety 

– Defining Identity and Navigating Power

– Navigating Difficult Conversations

– Creating a Meeting with DEI in Mind 

Our Clients

The Center for Civil and Human Rights has become a valuable asset to KPMG in our efforts to educate and bring next level insight on the topics of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We live in a world where open and honest dialogue is needed and required to make meaningful change. This is a MUST for all communities to thrive and our great nation to prosper. The Center is able to deliver such DEI training in a way that shows compassion and grace but also in a way that has lasting impact. I look forward to many more years of our valuable partnership!  

-Dr. Todd Ellis, Principal, MidSouth Hub Advisory Market Leader

We absolutely loved the facilitation! Initial feedback has been positive with expectations exceeded. We loved the action item for the leaders to share their experience with their teams, what was learned, and truly set the example from the top.I believe this will allow for additional facilitation for which I will push for.  

Frances Boatwright, Managing Director

I believe they were very well received – across both groups and all modules – and even surprising/revelatory for the participants. What we learned and heard today will help shape what’s next for us in developing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture at the agency.

-Ally Chapman, Senior Brand Strategist

I know the sessions were eye-opening for many on our team. Your energy and experience, along with an understanding of museums, added value to the experience.

-Jennifer Grant Warner, President & CEO

As an organization that is passionate about being anti-racist, educating our employees is a priority. Your team was able to share real-life examples related to the subject matter while also being sensitive to the complex topics being discussed. We appreciate your expertise in this area and are grateful to the donors who made it possible!

– Jennifer Caraballo, Chief Administrative Officer

The terms Equity versus Equality – I never saw myself as an individual who benefited from the extended or shared “power” and access of others who had a seat at the proverbial “table” until this presentation. I’m grateful. 


Our Sponsor

The Center would like to thank our sponsor(s) for their support of our mission driving initiatives. If you are interested in sponsoring The Center’s DEI program, please contact Phil Polk at [email protected]


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Meet Our Facilitators

Phil Polk
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Experiences Leader
Attallah Pamoja
DEI Facilitator
Martha Caldwell
DEI Facilitator
Tim’m West
DEI Facilitator

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