2018 Live the Legacy
Art Competition

The 2018 Live the Legacy Art Competition provides a platform for artists to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Up to three artists, chosen by a jury of board members, community leaders and professional muralists, will have the opportunity to display their work on the first floor of the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

This competition is a way for artists to use their talents for social justice while enhancing your resume and gaining exposure. Artists are welcome to submit any medium of art to fill the space. See below for guidelines.

How Winners Are Selected

Contest winners will be selected largely based on:

  • 35% ­– Social Media Credibility and Number of Combined Followers (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) ­
  • 35% ­– How much the winner’s idea conforms to, elevates or magnifies theme criteria
  • 30% – Artistic skill


  • No Copyright Infringement
    • All work must be released for individual usage or purpose usage grants.
    • All entries must contain copyright-free art for public use.
    • No unauthorized use of any copyright images, text, or other material will be accepted.
  • All entry forms must be submitted to NCCHR electronically/online.
  • All submissions must be made by December 10, 2017.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Content must be appropriate
  • Contents should fit the described themes.
  • Content should be appropriate for public use. (If it wouldn’t be acceptable for public display, it won’t be accepted here)

Artwork should incorporate or address one of the following themes:

  • Prelude to the Unthinkable: The Poor, the Homeless, the Fluid Focus of King in later years:

King’s focus, although always on Civil Rights, began to enlarge in scope toward the end of his life. He spoke against many things: classism and exclusivism, tragic expressions of man’s inhumanity to man, oppression by business owners against poor white people and poor black people (wage discrimination), Nations struggling for supremacy against nations. King extolled generosity, servanthood, feeding the hungry, clothing those who were naked, visit those who were in prison, and serving humanity. 

  • Assassination Aftermath: The Chaos and Community that emerged just after the end of the life of Dr. King

As violence erupted toward the end of King’s life, he wrote “Nowhere have the riots won any concrete improvement as have the organized protest demonstrations.” Was non-violent resistance still the best course of action after Dr. King’s assassination? Were the spokesmen of Black Power the leaders, or were they the led? Was the real incitement to violence the media showing the white American dream, and at the same time giving massive attention to the stockpiling of weapons by white police forces around the nation, and media reports of Congressional cuts in the poverty program because of the war in Vietnam?

  • Long Live King: The Legacy Continues, but how?

Is society truly integrated? Do African Americans have decent jobs, even prestigious positions? Is there Housing and schools for people/families with low incomes? Are the ideas espoused by Dr. King able to be implemented by American society, or might that goal be beyond the means of traditional American society even today.

Installation, Media, Mediums

Installation, Media, Mediums:

  • Any artistic medium can be used, including acrylic or water based paint, watercolor, inks, airbrushing, photography on substrate/paper, canvas, wall-mounted sculpture consisting of wire, textiles, metal, string/yarn, ceramic, or any combination thereof. Oil-based paint is discouraged unless an agreeable drying time is fixed within a schedule.
  • Multimedia/audiovisual elements such as sound and tablets are allowed but must be provided by the artist.
  • Consideration is to be given to mounting procedures and structural load of the Pre-Function Wall. Artwork installation on the wall must allow a return to the original condition of the wall as it was prior to installation.
  • The dimensions of the usable area of the wall is 34’ 9 ¼” w x 9’ 2” h. Your artwork must take up at least 75% of this space.
  • The artwork and any multi-media piece must be entirely supported by the wall, with an allowance of 12 inches “relief” from the wall into the floor area.
  • WINNERS will install Work consecutively, each awarded once throughout the calendar year ending at midnight EST December 31, 2018.
Award and Stipend

Contest winners will receive:

  • The winner(s) will receive a $1000 award.
  • An additional stipend will be given to each winner toward expenses associated with the creation of the wall art and as an award.

General Conditions

By submitting your artwork/concept you authorize NCCHR to post your entry on our website indefinitely, and grant NCCHR the right to use and display prints of your design for marketing purposes. NCCHR Reserves The Sole Right To Determine Eligibility Each entry will go through an evaluation process to determine if the artwork/idea meets our criteria before the entry will be available for judging in its category. NCCHR Reserves The Sole Right To Adjust Contest Rules Without Notifying Contestants Based on the volume of entries or legal requirements, contest rules can be changed and updated without notice. Contest participants are responsible for checking the site for changes, and should review the rules prior to each submission. NCCHR Is Not Responsible For Damage To Computer Equipment During Uploads NCCHR accepts no responsibility for any damage to contestant or visitor computer equipment that may result from system malfunction or corrupted/infected files. Scanning any file prior to download with a virus protection program is recommended.

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