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The Time is Right

In this time of medical crisis and instability, please enjoy this reminder that Atlanta is a strong and vibrant community that can rise to the occasion of any inequity or

JoAnn Robinson: More Than A Teacher

JoAnn Robinson began her career in public service as an educator in Macon, Georgia, working in public schools as an educator. She would go on to earn her master’s degree from Atlanta

A Message from the Executive Director of the IHTI

There is an intersection between sex and labor trafficking. As an example, minors who are sold to Buyers, are also forced to participate in online pornography. This month’s news cycle

Hi, I’m Jill Savitt

Two weeks into my tenure as the CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, I have not had as much time to check my Twitter feed, and

The Legacy of Dorothy Height

Born in Richmond, Virginia March 24, 1912, Dorothy Irene Height became for many, an example of a life of service. In high school, she began her activism, participating in anti-lynching

Game Changer, Dr. Grace Lee Boggs

Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, activist and game changer, was the daughter of Chinese immigrants born in Providence, Rhode Island. Earning her Ph.D. in 1940 from Byrn Mawr College, Boggs, spent

“Who the hell is Diane Nash?”

“Who the hell is Diane Nash?” Those words delivered to John Seigenthaler by Attorney General Robert Kennedy in 1961 was not just a question of query and frustration, as Freedom Riders

So Woke We Got Insomnia with the Education Department

Season 2 Episode 6 of Rights Not Reserved The Education Department comes on Rights Not Reserved to drop some knowledge on the history and importance of the Universal Declaration of

Women and Anti-Recidivism with Tera Bell and Carla Taylor of Women on the Rise

Season 2 Episode 5 of Rights Not Reserved Women on the Rise gives us insight on life after incarceration and what Atlanta can do to create a more restorative and

The Duty to Respond

I’m Brian Tolleson, Interim CEO at The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and a proud LGBTQ person…and I guess we can add “Guest Blogger” to that. Yes, it’s