People Category: DEI

Phil Polk

Philip Polk, an executive with more than 22 years of marketing leadership experience, serves as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lead for the National Center of Civil and Human Rights. In

Attallah Pamoja

Originally from Panama, Attallah brings multiple experiences to her DEI facilitation: a long-term early education teacher, current court-appointed child advocate with the Fulton County Juvenile Justice Center; certified child sexual

Jenna Ortiz

A DEI practitioner, Jenna’s experience ranges from supporting teachers with culturally-appropriate pedagogy and social-emotional learning to supporting communities with financial literacy. She has a B.A. in history from Virginia Commonwealth

Martha Caldwell

Martha has facilitated hundreds of DEI workshops and is the co-author of “Let’s Get Real: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender Identities in the Classroom” (Routledge 2021). Her articles on identity

Tim’m West

Tim’m is an educator, youth advocate, poet, hip-hop artist, and author of several books. He leads Teach for America’s national LGBTQ+ Community Initiative, advancing safer and braver classrooms for LGBTQ