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Working Together in the Global Human Rights Movement

by Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH

As President and CEO of CARE, I’m happy to welcome the Center for Civil and Human Rights to Atlanta as our newest neighbor in the downtown business district.

CARE is a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. We’re proud that the city we’ve called home since 1993—the cradle of the civil rights movement—is now an international hub for business, media, public health and human rights. Along with the Coca-Cola Company, the Carter Center, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and CNN, CARE is part of the distinguished group known as Atlanta’s five “Cs”. With the arrival of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, our city has now added a sixth member to the group.

In Atlanta and on the ground in 87 countries, the protection of civil and human rights is an essential part to CARE’s mission to serve individuals and families in the world’s poorest communities. Since moving to Atlanta, CARE has partnered with local organizations and businesses committed to fighting poverty and promoting dignity around the world. With the opening of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, CARE will have another formidable partner, and Atlanta’s reputation as a city of high ideals will continue to grow.

Stories from the American Civil Rights Movement come to life in The Center’s interactive experiences; and the unfolding history of human rights evolves in exhibitions that make visitors realize they are also part of this global movement.   

I hope you will join me in welcoming The Center to Atlanta by visiting and experiencing all it has to offer.

Join CARE in supporting the Center for Civil and Human Rights by sharing this blog post, becoming a member, and visiting The Center in Atlanta.

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