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Volunteer Spotlight: William Gould


William Gould is originally from Rochester, NY. He went to college in Charlotte, NC where he obtained a major in Computer Science/Engineering. He currently works as a Sr. Technical Field Engineer for a Global major Electronics company. He enjoys Travel, Amusement Parks, History and Robots! 

Q:  What inspired you to volunteer at The Center?

What inspired me to volunteer at The Center is passion.  I wanted to be more interactive as it relates to Human and Civil rights.  It’s one thing to speak about making a change or doing something that will affect the lives of others.  I chose to be a Docent as that was the best fit for interaction.

Q:  What was your perception of The Center prior to visiting and how has your perception changed since your experience at The Center?

My perception prior to signing up and volunteering was one of uncertainty.  When I first visited The Center it was not complete and still in disarray as opening day had not yet came.  As a current volunteer and the museum being open now my perception would have not done justice to The Center.  I am overly impressed with The Center.

Q: What has been your most inspiring moment during you time at The Center?

My most inspiring moment is working at the Lunch Counter exhibit and speaking with Former Mayor Shirley Franklin about her vision and her thoughts on the outcome.

Q:  What do you enjoy most about interacting with visitors of The Center?

What I enjoy most about interacting at The Center is the opportunity that has presented itself as I do school tours.  I have had numerous teachers and principals approach me to speak at their schools on career days, leadership forums and engineering mentoring programs.  I have already been to several high schools to speak and provide career lifelong advice to youths. This is where the PASSION is most apparent!!

Q:  If you could spend time with any leader featured in The Center, who would you choose and why?

I would spend it with Martin Luther King.  In light of the current state of race relations it would be imperative to find out his views on the work that was done in the past and how the message of non-violence peaceful harmonic society has been lost.

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