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Volunteer Spotlight: Will Cormier

This month, we are highlighting the outstanding work and commitment of our volunteer Exhibition Interpreter, Will Cormier. Will joined The Center after learning about Atlanta's rich history in civil rights that is still alive today. Check out this blog post to learn more about his experience serving at The Center.

Q: We are so happy to have you as a volunteer of The Center. What inspired you to volunteer at The Center?

I first learned about the Civil Rights Movement when I moved to Georgia from Argentina in 8th grade, and I was completely fascinated by it. We have many historical markers across the city of Atlanta. It never occurred to me that Atlanta’s civil rights legacy was still alive until I found The Center. That was at a time when the construction of the building was still going on, and it was just the thing I wanted to become involved in. I had to be part of The Center, and the volunteer program offered me that opportunity.

Q: What was your perception of The Center prior to visiting, and how has your perception changed since your experience at The Center?

Before The Center opened, I knew it was going to be an amazing place. I thought The Center was going to be all history and exhibitions, which my museum-buff side really loves, but I realized it was a lot more than that. Each visitor, staff member, and volunteer at Then Center is wonderful and inspiring, and they are the one’s who bring The Center’s narrative to life.

Q: What has been your most inspiring moment during your time at The Center?

The most exciting experience for me has been serving as an exhibit interpreter for my first school tour. It surprised me to see how much the students were enjoyed The Center, and they had lots of great questions, answers, and thoughts to share. I could see myself as one of him or her, and it reminded me of the impact The Center can have on each visitor.

Q: What is your favorite exhibit and why?


The March on Washington Theater is my favorite exhibit. I feel like I’m right there, and I can feel the hope and inspiration from that historical moment still alive over 50 years later.

Q:  What do you enjoy most about interacting with visitors of The Center?


It means a lot to me when visitors share their comments and ask me questions about the exhibits. I can usually identify with their curiosity and their reactions to the exhibits. I have basically become a Civil and Human Rights geek, so I enjoy any chance I get to talk about the information in the exhibits.

Q: If you could spend time with any leader featured in The Center, who would you choose and why?


I really admire all the female activists featured in The Center, and I can only wonder he immense effort it takes to become a recognized human rights leader as a woman. I would love to meet Malala Yousafzai, who appears in the Move, Free, Act gallery. Her vision for a better world is really convincing and empowering, and I want to be part of it!

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