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Volunteer Spotlight: Joaquin Casajuana

by Joaquin Casajuana

This month, we recognize Joaquin Casajuana as our volunteer of the month. View a Q&A about his experience serving at The Center below! If you have any questions about volunteering please email Robert Jones, Strategies Coordinator, at RJones@civilandhumanrights.org

1) What inspired you to volunteer at The Center?
 The first time I came to The Center, I was very impressed with the work that had been done.  I met Stephen Lutz, who was very welcoming and friendly.  Talking to him, he told me about the volunteer program, so when I got home I looked into it and signed up.

2)What was your perception of The Center prior to visiting and how has your perception changed since your experience at The Center?
Since hearing about the construction of the Center for Civil and Human Rights museum, I was very interested in seeing it. I did not know what to expect but was blown out of the water by the vivid display of the civil rights fight, specially the counter that brings it back to life. I find it to be a great place to remember all those that fought for rights.

3) What has been your most inspiring moment during you time at The Center?
Two moments that stick to my mind: One, I was working the counter and seeing the raw emotions it brought out and having the opportunity to hug a lady that was crying at the counter. The second, being a gay man, was the day the Supreme Court ruled legalizing Gay marriage through out the USA.  I was outside The Center celebrating, since it was the most appropriate place to do so.
4) What do you enjoy most about interacting with visitors of The Center?
 I am a social person by nature, so interacting with visitors from all over the country and world is very rewarding.  I also enjoy hearing their stories of what they lived through in the 60's and even today.

5) If you could spend time with any leader featured in The Center, who would you choose and why?
I would have to say that Dr. Martin Luther King would be one.  Just to share his love and compassion. Another would be Hitler, to ask WHY he did what he did.


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