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Stronger Than Fear: #MalalaDay, Celebrating the Rights of Women & Children

by National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Communications Team

Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who persevered in the face of violence after being shot in the head by the Taliban on her way to school in 2012, has become an international symbol of strength and courage since her recovery. Her stature as a preeminent supporter of women's rights and children's rights around the world earned her Nobel Peace Prize nominations in 2013 and 2014.

Malala believes every girl and boy deserve the right to an education. She is a powerful speaker who talks about girls' rights at events such as the Clinton Global Initiative and at the UN.

Recently, Malala traveled to Nigeria to appeal for the release of the 200 Nigerian school girls that were kidnapped three months ago. Her efforts so far have included a meeting with Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathon and 12 families of the kidnapped girls. In her appeal to the families, Malala declared:

"It's quite difficult for a parent to know that their daughter is in great danger. My birthday wish this year is... bring back our girls now, and alive."

Learn more about her urgent call for international support here.

Malala's words are also featured in The Center's "Spark of Conviction: The Global Human Rights" Gallery. Have you seen the Women and Girls area within the exhibition, "Spark of Conviction"? If not, tour The Center this week and follow our conversations about women's rights on Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure to check out this video in celebration of Malala's 17th birthday:

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