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Human Rights Movement Loses Prominent Defender

by LaTasha Smith, Director of Communications

Passionate Libyan human rights activist, Salwa Bughaighis, was assassinated in her home on June 25th. Her assassination was a tragic loss and a shock to many who are working tirelessly to build a society in which everyone’s rights are protected. A few hours before her death, Salwa voted in the country's second parliamentary election since the revolution, something unheard once unheard of in Libya.

The world has lost a true woman of courage in the Global Human Rights Movement. May she rest in piece.

Read the Human Rights Watch Tribute to Salwa Bughaighis Here: http://www.hrw.org/news/2014/06/26/libya-tribute-salwa-bughaighis

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  • Ibrahim's gravatar Ibrahim says:

    Good job, this interview is very informative, I hope that you continue interviewing the members of the council, we really want to know about their back ground, qualifications and what are they responsible for in the NTC, and what have they achieved so far. as for this Lady being the first woman who gets a high position in government that is not true, there have been women in high positions in the government but they of course had to be very close and loyal to Gaddafi!

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