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Engaging Students in NYC in the Prevention of Human Trafficking

by Stephanie Sorquira

This March, the United Nations (UN) Headquarters served as an anchor of conversation, learning, and cooperation for me and thousands of other UN outsiders. Not only was there the exciting 60th session of the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60), led by leaders in the plight to address women’s global issues, but there was also a large group of youth participating in a simulation of the United Nations within the UN Headquarters as well. I was fortunate enough to experience both.

As the Associate Program Coordinator for the International Human Trafficking Institute it is my role to engage youth and young adults in taking direct action to end human trafficking. I found the perfect opportunity to engage youth as a volunteer for Change the World Model UN where I led The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) in the position of a Director. Over 60 students submitted Position Papers on their assigned country’s views on the Prevention, Protection, and International Cooperation against the Use of New Information Technologies to Abuse and Exploit Children.

While youth and young adults simulated the UN and addressed important issues, like human trafficking, CSW60 was also holding multiple events that addressed human trafficking. Knowing that both events were happening in such close proximity was inspiring. It filled me with hope that both youth and adults were both passionate on finding solutions to alleviate world issues, especially as they relate to gender and human trafficking. 

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