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A Farewell from CEO Doug Shipman

by Doug Shipman

As I serve my last day as CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, I wanted to briefly share a few hopes that I take with me. 

  • I hope everyone will always remember how many people it took to make The Center a reality. Visionaries, risk-takers, believers, supporters, donors, designers, volunteers, interns, staff and board members. So many people who will never get their due thanks.
  • I hope the incredible legacy of the American Civil Rights Movement, the unsung men and women, the legacy of Dr. King and the unique role of Atlanta will be fully appreciated by all those who visit. The Center is built on an amazing and unique legacy.
  • I hope the stories of current people working, sweating, fighting, sacrificing for human rights today will be understood. The work continues everyday most often out of the view of a newspaper or a camera. The Center tells a few of these stories that represent so many more.
  • I hope everyone can visit The Center one day along with a young person. Hearing their questions, their hopes, their dreams and understanding that they are inspired and supported by seeing the accomplishments of real people in history deeply moves anyone who witnesses their powerful experience.
  • I hope each person has a little more hope because The Center exists, I know I do.

Thank you for an unforgettable journey!

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  • Dr. Robert Franklin's gravatar Dr. Robert Franklin says:

    We are exceedingly fortunate to have had your presence, vision, energy and leadership. Thank you for exceptional service. A proud professor and friend.

  • Molly Schen's gravatar Molly Schen says:

    Doug, I still remember meeting with you in the very early planning days of the Center.  I still hope to meet with someone there to talk about the feasibility of a partnership with Facing History, on the order of one workshop each year—something like that.  We have so much new content, so many great videos, so much to engage young people and their teachers! 

  • Binky Martin-Tollette's gravatar Binky Martin-Tollette says:

    Thank you for your service. Last summer soon after you opened, we brought 100 campers, AmeriCorps members, and staff to the center from Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp in Little Rock as part of our Honor Camp program. We were all very impressed with the museum. I was especially impressed with the human rights emphasis on the top floor. Well done. I also appreciate the emails that I receive regularly about events. Anytime I visit Atlanta in the future, I will be stopping by for another dose of history and the current state of affairs on civil and human rights.

  • Laurel Yancey's gravatar Laurel Yancey says:


    As a member of the NCCHR and its Women’s Solidarity Society, I personally thank you for your leadership in helping to actualize the vision and mission of this museum. I also send my best wishes to you as you pursue other endeavors.

  • asmithcompany@yahoo.com's gravatar asmithcompany@yahoo.com says:

    Mr. Shipman, I didn’t have the pleasure of your acquaintance prior to the opening of The Center. But once I started training to become a docent, I grew to admire your presence. I elect to believe that the world became a better place upon your arrival. Your life is meaningful.

  • Shirley Franklin's gravatar Shirley Franklin says:

    Doug, I share your aspirations for the Center and admire your vision and skill in bringing the Center into being. Yours is a job well done!

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