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730 Days of INSPIRATION!

by David Hopings, Manager of the Visitor Experience

The early morning of June 23rd 2014 was perfect, the air crisp but not cold and the typically bustling streets of downtown Atlanta quiet and bare. As I strode down Centennial Park Blvd. under morning twilight my thoughts flickered with excited anticipation. This would be the day we officially open the Center for Civil and Human Rights!

After 4 plus weeks of orientation, training, and soft-opening operations one would assume The Center's visage held few surprises. But when the building came into view, out from behind a parade of trees and office buildings, I literally stopped in my tracks. External lighting bounced off the building's trespa-clad exterior creating a warm glow in the morning dew, as if The Center were intended to be a beacon or signal of things to come....  

Over these 2 years we have met and interacted with thousands of visitors- heard hundreds of stories about struggle, pain, and perseverance. It is a blinding thought just to imagine how many lives we have seen changed, saying nothing of the way those stories and people have changed us.

Thursday, June 23, 2016 we are having a party-  a party with a message! GET CENTERED (a collaboration with A3C Festival + Conference) is both a celebration of two years inspiring visitors from down the street and around the globe, as well as a deep dive into the state of Hip Hop's involvement with ongoing struggles for human rights!!

Our program will open with a panel discussion featuring Hip Hop & Spoken word luminaries like Killer Mike, Speech (Arrested Development), Toni Blackman,and Stic (Dead Prez)- in addition to scholars like Rohit Malhotra (Center for Civic Innovation) and David Wall Rice (Morehouse College). Following the panel we will be sent to the dance floor by sets from DJ Jaycee, DJ, Nabs, and DJ Jelly. 

Come say hello, come have a time, come JOIN THE MOVEMENT!


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