Black History Month at The Center

The Center has various new exhibits and projects for the 40th Anniversary of Black History Month. Due to overwhelming demand, the museum will be open every Monday in February from 10 AM to 5 PM as well.

TALKING DRUM by Fahamu Pecou

Talking Drum showcases the intersection of black popular culture and social justice through music from the Civil Rights movement and three key spaces that connected social justice, politics, and black popular culture.

Jacinta Howard wrote a review of Talking Drum in this Creative Loafing Article!

NEW EXHIBIT: King and Youth Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement

This rotation highlights Dr. King’s support of student involvement as well as the overall significance of student contributions during the American Civil Rights Movement. 

Let Nobody Turn You

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Black History Month, the Center for Civil and Human Rights is filling the hall with sound! We are looking for 40 songs, from all forms of African American music, to feature at the museum! Help us inspire local visitors and folks from around the world with your sound and your story! 

Click here for more rules, release form, and more details.


The After Malcolm Digital Archive

This temporary exhibit on the 3rd floor explores the experiences of African American Muslims who are connected to the Metropolitan Atlanta Area. The stories, photographs, and special mementos of this group primarily reflect an American people’s place in both Muslim history, the Civil Rights movement and the continuing Freedom Struggle.  This will only be showing for the month of February.