Our Team

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Center is led by a dynamic group of local and national civic and business leaders. Together, they monitor our growth and progress.

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  • Jill Savitt
    Jill Savitt President and CEO
  • Don Byrd
    Don Byrd COO
  • Ashley Pearson
    Ashley Pearson Admin Training, IHTI
  • Clyde Hudson
    Clyde Hudson IHTI Consultant
  • DeAndre Marshall
    DeAndre Marshall Training Manager IHTI
  • Deborah Richardson
    Deborah Richardson Executive Director, IHTI
  • Maya K. Watson, J.D.
    Maya K. Watson, J.D. Health & Human Rights Fellow
  • Randi Hooker
    Randi Hooker Coordinator of Operations, IHTI
  • Allison Bantimba
    Allison Bantimba Campaign Manager
  • Cameron Argotsinger
    Cameron Argotsinger Sr. Manager of Public Engagement
  • Camille Hale
    Camille Hale SSA Retail Operations Manager
  • Candice Franklin
    Candice Franklin Director of Development
  • Christa Williams
    Christa Williams Public Engagement Coordinator
  • Daron Fowler
    Daron Fowler SSA District Manager-South
  • David Hopings
    David Hopings Manager of Public Engagement
  • Dominique Claggette
    Dominique Claggette Visitor Services Assistant
  • Donald Young
    Donald Young Manager of Admissions
  • Ebony Columbus
    Ebony Columbus Admissions Lead
  • Hillary Rose Olson
    Hillary Rose Olson Events Coordinator
  • James Morrow Richards
    James Morrow Richards PR Consultant
  • James Smith
    James Smith Visitor Services Supervisor
  • Jasmine Waters Page
    Jasmine Waters Page Education Programs Coordinator
  • Jen Richardson
    Jen Richardson Director of Human Resources
  • Jennifer Franco
    Jennifer Franco Administrative Assistant
  • Judy Klose
    Judy Klose Executive Assistant/Office Manager
  • Kamyra Harding
    Kamyra Harding Grant Writer
  • Keisha Lewis
    Keisha Lewis Director of Visitor Services
  • Kelly Crosby
    Kelly Crosby Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kera Lamotte
    Kera Lamotte Public Engagement Coordinator
  • Kurt Reynolds
    Kurt Reynolds Power to Inspire Consultant
  • Lauren Tate Baeza
    Lauren Tate Baeza Director of Exhibitions
  • Lavette Dow-Jones
    Lavette Dow-Jones Director of Finance
  • Lisle Dorsey
    Lisle Dorsey Group Sales Manager
  • Maugrette Washington
    Maugrette Washington Visitor Services Assistant
  • Nehemie Lucien
    Nehemie Lucien Institutional Giving Manager
  • Nicole Moore
    Nicole Moore Director of Education
  • Olivia Sheridan
    Olivia Sheridan Group Sales Coordinator
  • Paul LeGendre
    Paul LeGendre Development Consultant
  • Reese Harris
    Reese Harris Visitor Services Assistant
  • Renzo Garcia
    Renzo Garcia IT Administrator
  • Ryan Roemerman
    Ryan Roemerman Director of Innovation
  • Samuel Landis
    Samuel Landis Senior Designer
  • Shani Drake
    Shani Drake Director of Public Engagement & Marketing
  • Sonya Pierce
    Sonya Pierce Director of Facilities
  • Taylor Moses
    Taylor Moses Events Coordinator
  • Tevin Goss
    Tevin Goss Visitor Services Assistant
  • Toni Friday
    Toni Friday Director of Events & Partnerships
  • Torrie Shepard
    Torrie Shepard Digital Media Coordinator
  • Xaviar Battle-Wallace
    Xaviar Battle-Wallace Senior Events Coordinator
  • Zakaria Ismail
    Zakaria Ismail Database Manager
  • The Honorable Shirley C. Franklin
    The Honorable Shirley C. Franklin Purpose Built Communities

    Board Chair

  • A.J. Robinson
    A.J. Robinson President of Central Atlanta Progress
  • R. Lawrence Ashe, Jr.
    R. Lawrence Ashe, Jr. Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP

    Senior Counsel

  • Mr. Alister Bazaz
    Mr. Alister Bazaz Senior Vice President, Bank of America Business Capital
  • Ms. Susan R. Bell
    Ms. Susan R. Bell Partner, Americas Financial Accounting Advisory
  • William Clarkson, IV
    William Clarkson, IV
  • Richard Deane, Jr.
    Richard Deane, Jr. Partner-in-Charge of Jones Day
  • Curley Dossman, Jr.
    Curley Dossman, Jr. President, the Georgia-Pacific Foundation
  • Katie Fahs
    Katie Fahs Marketing Consultant
  • Ingrid Saunders Jones
    Ingrid Saunders Jones Chairperson, the National Council of Negro Women
  • Egbert Perry
    Egbert Perry Chairman and CEO, Integral
  • Frank L. Sims
    Frank L. Sims Retired Executive
  • Mr. Henry “Hank” Thomas
    Mr. Henry “Hank” Thomas CEO, Victoria Hospitality Properties, Inc.
  • Michèle Taylor
    Michèle Taylor Community Volunteer
  • Brian Tolleson
    Brian Tolleson Managing Partner
  • Paul Viera
    Paul Viera CEO, Earnest Partners
  • Councilmember Cleta Winslow
    Councilmember Cleta Winslow Atlanta City Council, District 5
  • Alan Wise
    Alan Wise Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Christopher C. Womack
    Christopher C. Womack Executive Vice President & President of External Affairs, Southern Company
  • Andrea Young
    Andrea Young Community Volunteer
  • Tiffany DeVaughn
    Tiffany DeVaughn Managing Director at Accenture
  • Johnita P. Due
    Johnita P. Due Vice President & Assistant General Counsel, CNN at Turner Broadcasting
  • Prof. Juliet Sorensen
    Prof. Juliet Sorensen Associate Dean for Clinical Education, Director of Bluhm Legal Clinic
  • Jill Savitt
    Jill Savitt President and CEO
  • Joshua R. Newton
    Joshua R. Newton Senior Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Engagement, Emory University
  • Edward Potter
    Edward Potter Human and Worker Rights Specialist
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