Unique spaces to learn about the past and consider the future.

The Center will draw a broad audience of visitors seeking to learn about the Civil Rights Movement and its significance for the progress of human rights across the globe. The individual galleries will engage visitors through a combination of powerful imagery, compelling artifacts, and poignant story-telling, but a core group of goals will be woven through every exhibit space.

Sharing Experiences

The Center's exhibits will seek to create a dialogue between generations. Those who lived through the Civil Rights Movement will be reminded of what they experienced, what has changed, and what has not.

Telling Forgotten Stories

One of the Center's foremost goals will be to relate the experiences and stories of the unsung heroes and forgotten victims.

Creating Communities

The Center will provide ongoing opportunities for visitors to begin developing ties with a broader community.

Encouraging Engagement

The NCCHR is committed to enabling visitors to embrace contemporary issues, encouraging them to take a stand, speak on behalf of others and engage in direct action.