Voices of our Community


Statement Regarding the Ferguson Events

The events in Ferguson have intensified a national discussion about race and human rights. In all circumstances, The Center advocates nonviolence and we believe in the power of dialogue for the betterment of the community… Read More


Weekly Repost: Human Trafficking as a Social Movement

by Sarah Pierce, Human Trafficking Search

Social change emanates from people working together towards a greater good. Some of the greatest historical movements engaged student activists inspired by social change. Last Saturday over a hundred students gathered together to discuss how… Read More


Weekly Repost: Connecting the Past to the Present

by Beverly Keel, journalist and professor

With the emergence of ISIS in the Middle East, Islamophobia has made a significant comeback in the United States. The recent article in the Tennessean entitled, Our treatment of Muslims is 21st-century disgrace, written… Read More


Volunteer Spotlight: Will Cormier

This month, we are highlighting the outstanding work and commitment of our volunteer Exhibition Interpreter, Will Cormier. Will joined The Center after learning about Atlanta's rich history in civil rights that is still… Read More


It’s Personal: How The Center is Making Movements

by Dina Tyson, NCCHR Program Intern

The personal is political. This is the mantra I learned and adapted as a Women’s and Gender Studies major at Barnard College, and it has shaped my approach towards social justice ever since. It means… Read More


Doing the Work: Safety and Solidarity

by Michael Adee, Ph.D., Global Faith & Justice Project

Check out this blog post by Michael Adee, Ph.D. of the Global Faith & Justice Project. The project works to amplify faith voices that protect human dignity and achieve equality for LGBT people and… Read More


Op-Ed: International Day of the Girl

by Helene D. Gayle and Deborah J. Richardson

As leaders of Atlanta-based organizations dedicated to human rights around the globe, we often have the privilege of speaking to inspiring young people seemingly ready to lead the world. Of course, many of them are… Read More


Nonviolence and the Umbrella Revolution

Image via Slate - Photo by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images

by LaTasha Smith, Director of Communications

Featured image via Slate - Photo by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images Nonviolent demonstrators gather in Hong Kong's Central financial district in support of pro-democracy reform. The demonstrations are in response to recent restrictions placed on… Read More


The Reunion

by Ruxanda Renita, Communications Intern

Photo: Far left, Estela Barnes de Carlotto painted by Ross Rossin Today, August 26th, marks an important day in the history of human rights  –  Women’s Equality Day. Thanks to the importance of recognizing women’s… Read More


Silver Rights Academy participants reflect on experience

From July 22 -24, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, in collaboration with Operation HOPE, First American Financial Corporation and Lionheart Leadership, held its inaugural Silver Rights Academy program. This intensive three-day leadership development… Read More