International Human Rights Day and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Celebration

Every December, beginning in 2008 with the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Center creates unforgettable events to commemorate human rights progress and highlight issues in need of attention.  

In 2010 RISE: Artists Respond to Human Rights premiered.  The performance included original spoken word arrangements by Alice Lovelace and featured some of Atlanta’s most respected performers of all ages brought together under the National Center for Civil and Human Rights UDHR celebration umbrella.

The 2012 RISE celebration, furthering an annual tradition, features artists and entertainment for all participants. Learn more.

Events are always on and around International Human Rights Day, December 10.  The Center’s gatherings to honor the day and the document are among the largest in the world.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Learn more about the 2011 metro-Atlanta UDHR Essay contest.
2012 UDHR Essay Contest winners to be announced at RISE.

Photography by Richard Ducree